Alles Fur Die Frau

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Nr/år: 52

Nästa nr utkommer: 2014-12-23

Språk: Tyska (DE)

Beskrivning: Alles für die Frau ¿ for women who want everything. The weekly women¿s magazine offers a wide range of topics ¿ everything that today¿s women are interested in: fashion, beauty, health and recipes, as well as exciting stories and plenty of entertainment. Alles für die Frau provides concise information and the very latest findings in nutrition and medicine, as well as fashion trends, beauty and wellness. Carefully researched and with a reader-friendly layout, Alles für die Frau focuses on providing sound advice: In every issue, the editorial team find the Top 100 Tips that readers can collect. These include practical tips and tricks from experts which help to make daily life easier and brighter. They also help readers to save both time and money. In addition, the magazine comes with a tabloid-format gourmet supplement with cooking and baking tips, as well as collectible recipe cards. Alles für die Frau is a fun magazine to relax with during short breaks throughout the week.